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Tips to select the right wine

Hungarian white wine

If you are looking for something new, go for the Tokaji Dry. It is made of Furmint, an indigenous Hungarian grape varietal, which makes this wine unique and complex. It is from the Tokaj wine region which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
If you would rather go for something you are familiar with, than choose the Sauvignon Blanc which goes very well with salmon for example.
But why not try them both?

Hungarian red wine

Whilst Tokaj is the best wine region for white wines, Villány is the best region for high quality reds. All red wines sold on the website are from this area.
Pick Portugieser if you prefer easily drinkable, fresh and pleasant beverages. The Portugieser grape variety is very popular in Austria and Hungary. The biggest mistake you can do is not ordering enough from this one.
From the full-bodied red wines, I would recommend the Bock Ermitage if you like the old wine-making style with some nice oaky notes.
If you prefer the new style wine-making with more fruitiness, go for the the Vylyan Montenuovo or the Gere Kopar. They will give you a "wow-moment" especially the Kopar.
The Vylyan Cabernet Sauvignon and the Vylyan Cabernet Franc are well-balanced premium wines. Although the latter one has an alcohol content of 15.1%, which cannot be felt when you are drinking this wine. See the video on the top of the page.

Hungarian sweet wine

Choosing a sweet wine depends on the occasion.
For celebrating big events I would pick a Tokaji Aszú which goes well with a good cigar. This was the drink of kings. Wine-makers use the Botrytis cinera (Nobel Rot) technique. It is weather dependant. There are years when no aszú wine can be made.
For any occasion you can go for the Nyakas Sauvignon Blanc sweet version, which was made with the late harvest technique. This method can be used each year and the wines are half the price of an aszú wine.

The Hungarian wine retailer

Wined Me Up Limited is a small retailer of Hungarian quality wines, located in Portsmouth. We currently have a selection of red, white, rosé and dessert wines from 3 wine regions: Etyek-Buda, Tokaj and Villány. As well as Tokaji Aszú, the delicious dessert wine, you will also find award winning dry wines from each region.

If you are tired of the poor quality and unpalatable wines from your local supermarket, take a look at our selection of fine Hungarian wine, available at very competitive prices.

We offer free same day delivery in Portsmouth* and free delivery for orders over £75 in the UK*. This is a very convenient way of stocking up on a few bottles from our exhilarating collection.

Should you have any questions please contact us.